Psychology in the News

Checklist for Blog Posts

[ ]    Does your article have a basis in research?

[ ]    Have you cited that research or linked to it?

[ ]    Is your article more than a re-telling of one of your sources?

–     Have you created something original, by one or more of the following techniques?

[ ]    Explaining the background of a study, possibly linking to background information.

[ ]    Using a personal perspective or anecdote to clarify and add interest to the research you am describing.

[ ]    Linking two or more studies in an intelligent way.

[ ]    Explaining the research in a way that is more understandable to a smart person with little psychology background.

[ ]    For each printed source that you used, have you included a citation in parentheses, at an appropriate place in the text?

[ ]    Are your citations in APA style?

[ ]    For each web source that you have used, have you provided a link, enclosed in parentheses, at an appropriate place in the text?

[ ]    Have you used sources from well-known or trusted sites and journals?  If you used sources that are not so trusted, was there a good reason?  Have you exercised appropriate skepticism concerning all of your sources?

[ ]    For every source you have used, print or web, have you provided a reference in APA style at the end of the article?

[ ]    Have you reviewed the guidelines for APA style to make sure those references are in the proper format?

[ ]    Is your name, or a pseudonym (“105 student”) listed at the beginning of your article?

–     You do not need a title.

–     You do not need a picture.


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